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127 Westminster Street, Christchurch, Canterbury


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First time visiting the salon and had an amazing experience, great customer service, friendly staff and Salon looks absolutely beautiful! Best hair salon I've been to in a long time. Very good hairstylists with flair and professionalism. Highly recommend Michelle, she's amazing at what she does! You will walk out of Surreal Hair & Beauty looking Drop-Dead Gorgeous and feeling like a million dollars. I was very impressed and really ecstatic about my new look.
5.0 1 month, 1 week ago
I came into this salon based on a recommendation and was looking forward to having my re-growth foiled after 2.5 months in the covid19 lockdown. I walked out of this salon crying because the foils done on my hair have done their damage (as bleaching usually does) and I cannot risk having it done twice to fix this devastating outcome. The photos attached show my hair freshly done 2.5 months earlier vs what I walked out with from the Surreal Hairdressing. The second photo shows me with the foils in at the Surreal Hairdressing and blond under the foils was obvious vs. the outcome of the work of the Surreal salon. My hair is now brownish/gray, with the re-growth still prominently visible. My hair has been recovering from previous damage done 10 months ago and I cannot afford to have it bleached twice by the Surreal Hair because of the chance of it falling out again. I did not pay for this service since the result of their work was shockingly bad and devastating for me. My hair was done by their experienced stylists. The stylist was nice and polite but the result of her work was heartbreaking for me. Speaking with the owner did not make it any better because she was somewhat dismissive of my predicament and her only suggestion was that I come back to their salon so that they can bleach my hair again. There was no specific course of action or confidence that I would walk out of their salon without longer-term repercussions. I will be seeking help someplace else because I have no other option now. I would like to warn others that if you end up in my situation with this salon, there will be nothing you can do about it. My tears and anguish cannot bring back my hair and I'm back to having months worth of repair ahead of me.
1.0 1 year, 6 months ago
I love this Salon, used to go to them in town and followed them to their new place. The salon has a great feel, the staff are amazing and make you feel welcome and really listen to what you want. They have done really well with their new premises they always do a great job and I feel amazing when I leave.
5.0 8 years, 9 months ago
Worst hair-cut experience of my life. From having no room for my legs when I was getting my hair washed, to no room in the room I was put in to get my hair cut, to the terrible job done on my hair ( I have an easy mans hair cut). There is no hot water in the (tiny) toilet. The salon was very noisy and very dirty and very worn out/old looking, I would have had a much better time at a mall. I think maybe more training or a more experienced hair cutter, and a salon clean/ re decoration may help, but I am surprised the council have not made them have a suitable bathroom/ wheelchair access and hot water. Head massage was nice, had to ask for massaging chair to be turned off though as too noisy.
1.0 9 years, 6 months ago