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About us

Pinnacle&Co. are your new strategic creative partners. We(TM)re a full-service creative, marketing, advertising, web-design and development agency based in Christchurch. We are committed to working with businesses around New Zealand and the world.

If you are looking for a smart website, marketing material, or a stroke of creative genius, you(TM)ve come to the right place. Pinnacle&Co. is your one-stop agency with solutions for all your projects. Where we really excel, is partnering with your business, making you the ~Company(TM) in ~Pinnacle&Co.(TM), and providing targeted, proactive advertising, and marketing excellence.

Forget everything you think you know about big ad agencies, because that(TM)s just not who we are. We(TM)re an approachable, fun and creative team who love bouncing ideas around the table. Like you, we(TM)re local, highly experienced and good at what we do. It(TM)s our passion to make sure everyone else knows how good you are too.

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