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You will find that Ear Suction HB is very different to other firms - a totally personalised (you will see Anne, our friendly and experienced Ear Nurse each and every visit) and rapid service where you, the client, is firmly in control. No one should suffer hearing loss from blocked ears, so we guarantee you treatment within a week or you do not have to pay. We can see you out of hours or on a Saturday morning too.

Not sure? We offer a free assessment with a No Wax, No Fee guarantee, so you can seek our expert advice without obligation. In fact, we are so confident you will be happy with our services that we offer a full 100% fee guarantee. In the very unlikely event you are not happy with our services, again you do not have to pay.

Our ear-wax removal services are solely provided by our founder and business owner, Anne Roberts, a registered NZ nurse & a member of the Ear Nurse Specialists Group. Anne has 27 years experience in nursing and 5 years experience in micro suction.

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I explained to Anne that I had been working in my garden one week previously when a yucca spear stabbed me deep in my right ear which became very painful. I went to my GP and she said that she could see a black object surrounded by dry blood and soft skin in my ear canal. Despite that, and the pain, she only prescribed anti-biotic drops which did not help. My hearing had deteriorated initially but had got better slightly since. I went to see Anne who was very gentle and suctioned carefully around the spear. She said it was best not to apply any fluids in case my eardrum was perforated but she did advise me to continue to apply the antibiotic drops until they were finished and allow for some healing. One week later Anne gently removed the 15 cm long yucca spear with forceps from the ear canal which it had pierced leaving a nice round hole half way along the ear canal but luckily, the eardrum itself was intact. What I really appreciated was the way that Anne discussed each option and step with me before a decision was made on how to proceed with safety firmly in mind. I would thoroughly recommend Anne for sorting out problems with your ears.
4.5 10 months ago