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I have used High country Taxidermy for deer and Thar skins and couldn't have expected a better result. I know of and have seen heads and full body mounts that they have been done and they were incredible. there can be a lengthy wait for the piece to be done but ii is definitely worth the wait as Barry is recognised as one of the best in the area. Pricing is competitive and worth every sent. I am writing this review as the one written above is far from the truth, not saying it wasn't the case but I certainly haven't seen anything other than top quality work and professionalism. David Jones Canterbury NZ.
5.0 2 months, 2 weeks ago
I have used this Taxidermist for expediting my trophy red stag to Australia . He is very costly in my opinion . I almost lost my trophy when it was shipped to Australia . The Quarantine inspection were not happy with the condition of the antlers . They were not cleaned of old velvet and dried blood was still on the antlers . The antlers were in the same condition as when I took the animal in the hills . I only got the antlers cleared with help from a friend in the quarantine service . I nearly lost my trophy because of poor expediting . I guess you learn by ones mistakes . I an writing this review so other hunters don't get caught . Barry Lukritz Australia
0.5 3 years, 3 months ago